Our toolkits support groups in Kenya

Internet & Media Literacy (IML), based in Nairobi, Kenya provides workshops to civil society and faith based organisations as well as private and government organisations to help them develop skills in media production and use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). Several months ago Tactical Tech awarded IML a toolkit grant to support these workshops.

One recent workshop organised by Internet and Media Literacy used Tactical Tech's toolkits and explained how that they could be used to make and distribute advocacy media. “I can now design a media strategy that can meet my organisations needs with ease,” said Grace Muthinie Mbogo, a workhsop participant and communication and PR affairs officer with Tanari Trust.

“The potential for using internet technology and media as a means of expression cannot be over emphasised", says Peter Musa, IML’s lead trainer. “Learning how to use these online tools that are available on the internet free of charge may help add your voice to the global voices and add value to the work that your organization is doing."

"But, while many of us now have access to the internet, smartpones and other sophisticated information technology gadgets, we are not equipped enough to make maximum use of these technologies" adds his colleague Clement Njoroge. "It is for this reason that IML approached Tactical Tech Collective for a small grant and it's why we think our workshops are needed in Kenya."

The toolkit grant, comprising of a 15 copies of message-in-box toolkit and a 15 copies of the 10 Tactics DVD, is helping IML to design and deliver workshop trainings. "The material has proved to be very useful in our training programme" says Clement. However, there remain challenges for IML. "Our biggest challenge is to overcome the barriers posed by the cost of running these workshops. The cost of transport to allow more participants, costs conference facilities, and facilitators fee are a major impediment. This is because IMLs capacity building programme is aimed at empowering people and communities from Community Based Organisations who have limited budgets but critically need to raise the capacity of their staff. Efforts to raise funds or get a potential sponsor are ongoing. Meanwhile, a reasonable fee is charged to participants while collaborations with interested organisations is encouraged."

The next IML’s workshop, planned for August, specifically caters to Information and Communication Officers working within civil society organisations and young people who are interested in learning about citizen journalism.

Image: Fiona and Gerishon, students at Jomo Kenyata University receive Tactical Toolkit after a training session