Animated film created for The Land Portal

September 2012


Land Matrix from Tactical Studios 


We have produced a short animation to present the Land Matrix, the largest interactive online dataset on land deals worldwide.




Keeping your Site Alive Films with EFF

August 2012



The Electronic Frontier Foundation launched a new guide that provides strategies and hands-on information about how to keep your website or blog alive in a case of a DDoS, or Distributed Denial of Service, attack see them at Keeping Your Site Alive. The Tactical Technology Collective collaborated with EFF to make these films which were produced by Tactical Studios.


Don't let yourself be silenced explains what a DDoS attack is and how it silences information online.




Back up your web content reminds us how important it is to keep copies of our websites. In a case of an attack we can then restore it to another location.


To keep your information online you can Mirror your web content. A mirrored site can exist even when the original is down.




Report created for Oxfam UK

August 2012


"Mobile Campaigning Toolkit Discovery Phase Report"

The reasearch and write-up of a report for the discovery phase of the Oxfam Mobile campaigning Project. It was intended to inform next steps for this project, which aims to build the capacity of Oxfam partner organisations to use mobile phones in their campaigning work. 



LAYOUT of a toolkit created for Action Aid

May 2012


We designed, produced and contributed to a toolkit aimed at a regionally and culturally diverse group of ActionAid Ambassadors and trainees to bring greater public support for action against poverty, to deepen understanding of the issues around hunger and to influence EU policies affecting smallholder farmers in the South.  The toolkit is being used to train ambassadors, or campaigners in the issues and methods of designing campaign actions and cascading the training down to the next level of trainee trainers.



INTERACTIVE DATASET created for The Land Portal

April 2012



The first interactive online interface of the largest public database of land deals world wide. Explore and understand through the visualisation and dive into the database. 




FILM created for TOR

March 2012


Hidden Services - Tor


An animated film, to raise public awareness to the hidden services offered by Tor. 



FILM created for TOR

March 2012

Join the Network - Tor

To encourage volunteers to join the Tor Network we made this short video. The Tor network relies on volunteers to donate bandwidth. The more people who run Tor as a bridge or a relay, the faster and safer the network becomes.

We have also translated this video into Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, German and Spanish.



February 2012


Using a website and poster previously designed and produced by Tactical StudiosCEE Bankwatch Network and Friends of the Earth Europe mapped 33 socially and environmentally damaging projects in central and eastern Europe, amounting to EUR16bn and paid for by EU budget cohesion policy funds 2007-2013.


Three speakers from Bankwatch presented the map on 2nd February, to an audience of journalists from western Europe and most of the countries represented on the map.


Posters are being distributed to members of the European Parliament, officials in the Commission and CEE permanent representations in Brussels.




January 2012




Comic Relief asked us to create 10 infographics that were present to the board trustees of America Gives Back. The graphics show how donations fro America Gives Back were spent in different beneficiaries in the US and Africa. 



PDFs and link to website