Tactical Tech's first four years were primarily focussed on promoting the use of free and open source software technologies for non-profits.


This series of four toolkits offer Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) tools and materials aggregated around four key themes relevant to the daily needs of NGOs and the people who work there. Tactical Tech no longer updates these resources. 


Security edition 

Designed to help human rights, anti-corruption, and womens groups, independent media and journalists to orient themselves with the kinds of digital security and protection tools they could use, and the ability to easily access and try them out. This toolkit was produced in partnership with Front Line.


For more current content on a wide array of topics for advocates, see Tactical Tech's current toolkits and guides.


Tactical Tech, in collaboration with other partners, ran a number of source camps in various locations. These events brought together technologists, developers and NGO advocates to learn about open-source technology use for non-profits. Tactical Tech has run these workshops since 2003 and has pioneered a new way of learning and teaching that has driven open source uptake into the non-profit community and forged powerful, lasting links between different groups.

Source replication website 
Although Tactical Tech no longer runs source camps, we provide the resources and guidance for others who want to. This website provides guidance on everything from camp layout to wrap-up thank you notes.