10 tactics for turning information into action is about info-activism; the use of information, communication and digital technologies for advocacy. The film documents 35 inspiring stories of grassroots rights advocates who have developed tactics for positive social, political and environmental change utilising new technologies. This 50 minute documentary has been screened with great success at over 150 events by individual rights advocates, NGOs, community organisations, academics and independent journalists around the world (you can view a full list on the screening map).


What the screening organisers say:

"Our screening was wonderful.... The Kibera maps piece was central to the screening as discussions ensued on how the maps could be used by the locals for advocacy around service delivery. There were also interesting synergies with Well Told Stories that will serialize some of the practices in Kenya in the form of a comic."

Philip Thigo, Social Development Network, Kenya


“The [10 tactics screening in Sydney] was a great opportunity to consider the use of new technologies and those present in our day to day lives in campaigning for social change and defending human rights. It also brought together our community of like-minded organisations and individuals working in Sydney together in a human rights movement. I’m still hearing from people who’d like to get a copy of the film, or come along to another screening as word spreads to others’ contacts in the field.”  

James Fehon, human rights activist, Australia


Organisers can screen the film as a whole or use individual chapters as a training or discussion aid. The film comes with a set of 15 hands-on cards offering tools, tips and advice, covering everything from planning your campaign strategy, to analysing its success and ensuring you stay safe online. If you would like to hold your own screening, we will support you by supplying you with free copies of 10 tactics (DVD and cards) and some of our other resources for advocacy. Have a look at the Host A Screening page of the 10 Tactics website for more information.