When you delete a file even after you empty the recycle bin, the contents of that file remain on your hard drive and can be recovered by anyone who has the right tools and a little luck. In order to ensure that deleted information does not end up in the wrong hands, you will have to rely on special software that removes data securely and permanently. If you are interested in wiping the entire contents of a storage device (such as CDs and USBs), tips on using secure deletion tools effectively and deleting information then read the whole chapter here.


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The Security in-a-box toolkit was created to meet the digital security and privacy needs of advocates and human rights defenders. Security in-a-box includes a How-to Booklet which addresses a number of important digital security issues. It also provides a collection of Hands-on Guides each with a particular freeware or open source software tool, as well as instructions on how you can use that tool to secure your computer, protect your information or maintain the privacy of your internet communication.

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