1. evaluate our toolkits & guides

Getting honest and critical feedback is important to Tactical Tech. We have designed a short questionnaire for people who have used our toolkits. If you have read or used any of our toolkits: please click on the link corresponding to the toolkit(s) that you have read or used and let us know what you think!



Your responses will be used to improve future editions our toolkits and to plan new projects and services. We may use your responses in reports/articles about our work and on our website. However, we will provide an opportunity for you to agree to this (or not) at the end of the questionnaire. Your time is truly valued by Tactical Tech! To thank you for your participation you may win a Flip Mino Video Camera. Details are at the end of the questionnaires.



We want the resources we produce to reach as many people who will benefit from them as possible. If you are hosting an event or training where you might like to give out some copies to your participants to take home with them, we offer outreach micro-grants. You can fill out the application form right here.



Each of our toolkits and guides provides case studies and advice which can be adapted for workshops and trainings. We use this material in our own trainings and encourage others to do so too. It's very helpful for us to get feedback in these instances so please get in touch with us if you are planning on using our material. Also you might consider applying for a micro-grant to distribute these resources at your training or workshop event.


What the trainers say:

On Security in-a-box: “I have used it to train my colleagues in internet security and also to protect my self from monitoring when I am deploying online direct actions. I plan to use this for more such trainings in the future. I am also training myself through online sources primarily through the TTC website and social source commons.”

Dharmesh Shah, Community Environmental Monitoring 


On 10 tactics for turning information into action: "I use 10 Tactics as an essential tool for raising awareness about new media in all my workshops on Citizen Journalism and New Media here in the north east of India. It helps me to get the agenda going as all the components of the workshop are based around the tactics included in the movie."

Babul Gogoi, Foundation for People Empowerment, India



We produce all of our toolkits and guides in English and sometimes in additional languages. We also encourage volunteers to do their own translations of these resources with our support.


The film 10 Tactics allows users to subtitle it using the online platform DOTsub and we provide all text and design files for those who would like to translate the tactics cards and the entire 10 Tactics website. We are currently supporting three groups producing Arabic, Spanish and Burmese versions of the website.


If you would like to discuss a translation opportunity, please contact us through the toolkit websites or directly at ttc@tacticaltech.org