We know that annual reviews often don't get read so every year we experiment with a fresh format to present the information in a more compelling way. We're always eager for feedback so feel free to let us know what you think on Twitter or email (ttc@tacticaltech.org).  



With the 2009 annual review, we built on the theme of the previous year's format and transformed information that we collected about our work and what it took to do it, into a more personalised representation. While it showcases some of the highlights of our year programme wise - paying particular attention to The Info-Activism Camp, 10 Tactics and the impact of our toolkits and guides and trainings - it also looks at all the elements which helped make this happen. So expect to find data on everything from the people we worked with to how many cups of tea Tactical Tech collectively consumed in the year!

Download the pdf (2.2 MB)

If you'd like to try collecting your, or your organisation's, daily data and visualising it like we did, you should try using Nicholas Feltron's online tool, Daytum. 


We changed the format and design of our second annual review to reflect the compelling presentation of data as a growing part of our work. This report gives a feel of who we are and the significance of the work we do. In one year, our work reached 64 countries through 23 projects, 26 workshops and the distribution of 5,400 of our toolkits and guides. This guide illustrates two stories of our toolkit and guide distribution and utilisation. It shows our three core project areas of focus in 2008 - participation, free-flow of information and accountability.

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This was Tactical Tech's first annual review and our first attempt at showcasing our work. Our early years were dedicated to strengthening NGOs' technology use in developing and transition countries. In 2007 alone, we undertook 15 projects under our Skills Building and Movement Building program areas. In this review, you'll find our project work is split into three themes – Freedom, Finding a Voice and Making it Heard.
Read as we reflect on our work in 2007 and our experience, achievements and challenges during our first five years.

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