"They are leaders among organisations doing tech support work in the developing world. Their key strength is understanding developing world audiences, more than any other organisation based in the North."

Ethan Zuckerman, Berkman Center, Harvard University, United States


"They have a good network of people that they work with, and they like to do things right. I like the attention to design ... good content packaged well. They’re very good at outsourcing, and they’re a flexible organisation. And I really like the fact that they’re distributed, and not just based in one country."

Philipp Schmidt, University of the Western Cape, South Africa


about OUR EVENTS  

“Tactical Tech’s ethos is that nobody knows everything, and everybody knows something. It’s a beautiful philosophy, but it plays out pragmatically, as well. How else do you get so many people to huddle around laptops showing each other around a new CMS?.”

Melissa Gira Grant, St. James Infirmary


“It was great to work with a group of people who knew enough about technology and have a passion for advocacy.”

Participant from a workshop for sex worker health and rights advocates, Malaysia.



"They are very effective in increasing sustainability ... where the organisations come together to introduce people, train them, link them up and then let them get on with it ... so Tactical Tech don't get too involved, but give freedom to the participants to do what is right ... they just set the platform, which I think is a very honourable and correct thing to do."

Mifan Careem, Sahana, Sri Lanka 



about our toolkits and guides 


"I have been sharing my set of Tactical tech toolkits with school students in India, environmental NGOs in Thailand and community groups in Indonesia, to empower them to lead their own local campaigns to great effect. Despite the fact that the toolkits are in English, I was pleased to find that people are actually making an effort to translate and share the concepts amongst themselves. This is a great way of empowering civil societies in asia, and I am looking forward to receiving more such materials from Tactical Tech in the near future.

Shailendra Yashwent, Greenpeace South/South East Asia


“I finished a small research project for Plan Finland to assess the potential of mobile phones for their community development work in Africa. I would like to say that I found your toolkit on mobile phones the most useful thing in terms of choosing what to use, for what and how. I almost felt there was not much for me to add, as you have skillfully combined the social and organisational considerations with the technical side, which is rare to see.”

Hannah Beardon, Spain


“I was able to download your booklet on Information Design and find it very useful. Thank you for publishing this and making it available for free. I appreciate the efforts that you do and have been trying to apply the principles in our practice here in my organisation. As a women's information organisation, we produce a lot of printed materials that deal frequently with data, so presenting in a visual format is really necessary for us. Please produce more good information guides like these. More power to you.”

Aileen Familara, Isis International, Manila


about our Consultancy Work


“I am delighted with the poster Tactical Tech have produced highlighting products produced with a high incidence of forced labour around the world and have received plenty of positive feedback and additional orders … The technical and creative skills that Tactical Tech possess are absolutely essential for meeting this need. I don't know of any other organisation that has this combination of technical expertise and understanding of human rights issues necessary to produce targeted and effective work. ... Tactical Tech is forward looking and is able to offer the skills and knowledge that campaigners like myself just don't have thereby ensuring that our message has maximum impact.”

Joanna Ewart James, Anti Slavery International, UK


"I thought the ongoing engagemeent and dialogue was extremely useful and considered Tactical Tech as part of the team not an external consultant. I thought their commitments to the issues and the desire for change was as strong as ours and was in large part driving their motivation for engagement."

Frank Smith, World Vision, UK