If you would like to set up your own website that can be regularly updated with new ideas and descriptions of events in a chronological order, it doesn't get much easier than using This guide walks you through setting up a Wordpress blog, choosing a domain and domain name, designing your blog, creating a blog post, adding a static page and lastly promoting your blog. Get blogging! This guide makes it easy!

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This how-to guide is part of Message in-a-box

The Message in-a-box toolkit gives you everything you need to make and distribute your own media. The toolkit covers A Strategy for Making Media, Print, Images, Audio, Internet, Video, and Mobiles. Each section includes information, references, links and inspiring case studies that show how the right tools and tactics can be used to make media with impact. Message in-a-box also provides open source software tools to make our own media and video and text 'how-to' guides that tell you how to do this.

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