New technologies create unprecedented opportunities for individuals and low-resourced groups working to document abuses, raise awareness and mobilise people around specific issues. At the same time, they open up new risks and vulnerabilities. The Protect programme works to help advocates take advantage of the opportunity while simultaneously managing and navigating the risks. 


Advocates and independent journalists are often unaware or lack up-to-date information about the security risks and vulnerabilities of these new tools and technologies. The Protect programme works to raise awareness amongst advocates and provide them with the necessary skills, tools and techniques to manage and reduce their security risks.


Advocates for positive social change are increasingly using digital information channels to express themselves, share information and coordinate activities. However, they are often unaware or lack up-to-date information about the security risks and vulnerabilities of these new tools and technologies.


Advocates who use these technologies successfully are those able to assess the risks they face and plan accordingly. They need practical solutions which address the specifics of the situations they face and, knowledge and tools which they can access, understand and implement.


Key Questions for this programme


  • When advocates use digital and information tools for their actions, do they know about the vulnerabilities of their information, their actions and themselves?
  • How can advocates become more aware of both the potential and the perils of using digital and information technologies?
  • Is it about the tools, about the policies, or about or is it about people's behaviour?
  • Where should the advocates turn to when it comes to managing their own risks?


Tactical Tech's Protect programme addresses these kinds of questions in a concentric approach, in order to support advocates at various levels of awareness about issues of information and security.


The Protect programme will:



  • Raise attention and awareness; Shed light on both the potentials and the dangers of digital means of advocacy, as it pertains to rights advocacy and use of information. Be it through slogans and provocations, animations and films, or on and off line challenges, we want advocates to start thinking about the security of their information, and themselves.
  • Incite a behaviour change; by increasing advocates' ability through relevant and situation appropriate information and resources, in formats and forms that suits them best. Some risks require fancy technologies, but many advocates can improve their situation by taking simple actions. We want them to know these actions and to take them.
  • Grow and maintain a vibrant community; where resources, knowlege and practices are collected, shared and offered to others. It takes digital experts talking with advocates on the ground to best understand what risks there are, as well as what solutions may exist for these risks. There are always new opportunities and new risks. We want the learning to continue.