Shozu is a software application which you can install on your phone to allow you to upload videos and photos from your mobile phone to your online sharing sites, blogs (such as your Wordpress blog), email address, and photo sharing sites (such as Flickr). This tool is free to download however costs incurred from the telecommunications provider will be shouldered by the Shozu user. Also Shozu is currently not supported in many countries.

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This tool is included in Mobiles in-a-box

The Mobiles in-a-box toolkit is designed to inspire you, to present possibilities for the use of mobile telephony in your advocacy work and to introduce you to some tools which may help you. It includes case studies and how-to guides for organisations wishing to get started with mobile telephony projects and other introductory guides including budgeting, security and the resources needed for mobile advocacy. After reading the material in this toolkit you can expect to be able to design and implement a mobile advocacy strategy for your organisation. 

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