10 Tactics Remixed

10 Tactics Remixed


  • Wikileaks
  • A Web 2.0 Suicide Machine
  • Syrian puppets making fun of Bashar al-Assad
  • The Arab Revolutions
  • Balloons mapping deforestation in Chile
  • Lewd Grass Mud Horses in China
  • The Occupy Movement
  • The Stop Online Piracy Act



How many things on this list can you identify? If they seem disconnected, why are they all there? 10 Tactics Remixed, Tactical Tech's new project about info-activism, is about joining the dots.


In recent years activists have been collecting information to monitor and report on the state, corporations and powerful social institutions. They've experimented with tactics like visualising evidence, culture jamming and remixing to expose the absurdities of official speech, and radical forms of organising and mobilising that the digital environment makes possible.


10 Tactics Remixed aims to document these recent trends and developments in information-activism through stories of advocacy and campaigns from around the world. It also features debate and analysis on some of the key challenges and tensions which have emerged around the use of information and technologies for activism.


10 Tactics Remixed is also a new iteration of 10 Tactics for Turning Information into Action, a project and a film that Tactical Tech launched in 2009 to document the innovative ways new media was being used for activism at the time.