Beautiful Trouble Book launch


An attentive crowd of about fifty people packed into St. George's

Bookstore in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, September 13th, for the

Berlin book launch of "Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for Revolution."

Editor Andrew Boyd and contributor Dmytri Kleiner were in attendance at

the event, hosted by Tactical Tech's Marek Tuszynski.

Andrew Boyd introducing Beautiful Trouble

Andrew Boyd introducing Beautiful Trouble

After Kleiner's condensed 15-minute talk around the topic of "Debt as a

public good," Boyd facilitated a discussion around the state and future

of activism and took down suggestions of new strategies and tactics from

the audience, to be integrated in a future web version of the book.

Meant as a guide for creative activism in the 21st century, the

much-lauded book compiles tactics, principles, theory and case studies

from the frontlines of social upheaval from around the world.

Dmytri Kleiner on "Debt  as a Public Good"

Dmytri Kleiner on "Debt  as a Public Good"

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