New Resource : Digital Survival

digital_ survival_guide

As digital technologies multiply and become more accessible to the average user, the opportunities for rights advocates to improve the efficiency and efficacy of their work grow. But we need to understand how technologies work if we want to make them work for us. When most people get behind the wheel of a car, they do so with a basic knowledge of how a car works and an awareness of what could possibly go wrong, including the dangers on the road. We need to employ the same mindset about technologies. Knowing what to do when something goes wrong (which it inevitable will!) and knowing when you might be making yourself vulnerable are essential to survival in the digital world.


Our guide, Digital Survival, focuses on conveying this understanding about the three fundamental technologies, the internet, mobile phones and computers. It covers a range of information in its three chapters, from what routines you should adopt to keep your computer healthy, how to connect to the internet and make the best use of available tools, and the security and privacy precautions you should take with your mobile phone. You'll find that it's refreshingly free of jargon and overly technical descriptions, includes a range of lovely illustrations and is arranged in such a way that you can dip in and out of it as you need. And as with all of our guides, you are free to download the booklet, print it out and pass it on  (the pdf is available from the website). You can also adapt it or localise it to your context.