Workshop with filmmakers

From 24 – 30 March, in the Hague, the Movies that Matter (MTM) film festival will feature over seventy human rights films and documentaries from around the world along with debates and discussions. A core part of the programme, entitled “A Matter of ACT” showcases 10 documentary films portraying the lives and work of unique and inspirational human rights advocates from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. These include a film about the leader of the Burmese opposition party who was kept under house arrest for several years, Aung San Suu Kyi, and the leader of the Palestinian non-violent conflict movement, Ayed Morrar, amongst the other ten. See a full list of the films, and the people that they are about, on the MTM website 


As an addition to the A Matter of ACT programme, there are a series of events for the activists who appear in the film and the filmmakers to network, meet other organisations and learn new skills relevant to their work. Marek Tsuzynski from Tactical Tech will be facilitating an info-activism workshop with this group. Together they will look at film as a vehicle for advocacy within the context of the constantly evolving landscape of information, communication and digital technologies.