Supporting War Child campaigners

War Child International is leading an ICT & Media Week in Uganda, June 6-10, and plan to use 10 tactics for turning information into action and our three toolkits (Security, Message and Mobiles in-a-box) to inspire participants from 10 different countries develop their own advocacy projects and campaigns.


War Child International is a family of independent humanitarian organisations which work together to help children and young people affected by armed conflict. The point of ICT & Media week is to inspire and build the skills of the War Child team to implement and strengthen ICT & Media based programming.


Pauline Vermeulen, an organiser of this event, applied for a grant from us to receive toolkits to distribute to the event participants. "The online versions of the different toolkits were already received with great enthusiasm by my colleagues", explained Pauline. "But in some countries field officers work with local partners, who do not have good access to the internet. The ICT & Media Week seemed the perfect opportunity to equip all field offices with a printed version of these great toolkits!"


One copy of each of our toolkits and 10 Tactics will be given to 15 participants from Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Israel, Lebanon, Uganda, DRC, Burundi, Sudan, Sierra Leone and Colombia.


Read more about our outreach micro-grants and how you can get one.