New info-activism resource

After the success of 10 tactics for turning information into action, Tactical Tech is starting work on a new info-activism resource that will support rights advocates to use information and digital technology. While this new project is still at the research and planning stage we are inviting you as friends, colleagues and networks to share with us any ideas you have for info-activism stories. What we are looking for are examples of where rights advocates have used information and digital technology in a strategic way to advance a cause or address an issue. You can find such examples on the 10 Tactics website. For example, the animation about climate change, this OneWorld SMS campaign for reproductive health and MySociety's TheyWorkForYou website which supports voters to demand transparency and accountability from their elected MPs.

What makes a good info-activism story to us?

  • It is innovative and/or creative
  • It was strategic and well-planned or timely and responsive
  • It has been carried out at the grassroots, preferably on a small budget
  • It has advanced a human rights cause in some way

If you can think of anything that may tick all or even just some of these boxes, please let us know!

The examples can be in any language. Please send your ideas to infoactivismATtacticaltechDOTorg