Info-Activism Workshops


We believe that new technologies have significant potential to support and enhance campaigners' and advocates' work. We know it's not always that easy to know which tool to use in what context, or how to consolidate traditional advocacy with new-style digital techniques. And, it's the kind of subject best learned by doing.


In 2009 we ran a series of successful workshops and a seven-day camp in India, and developed a resource on "info-activism". We define this as the effective application of information, communications and digital technologies to enhance advocacy work. For us, this means giving advocates the tools to gather and analyse information and the means to turn that information into action. 


Our info-activism events are not typical classroom-style, facilitator-focused workshops; they have a uniquely hands-on ethos with an open-learning framework and a stress on participation. We use interactive, peer-based learning techniques to help advocates explore the opportunities for using digital technology to support their work. We find this open-style of learning is the most effective way to facilitate a workshop, as it enables participants to learn what they want in a creative way, and at their own pace.

Through info-activism training, we help advocates:

  • Develop an info-activism strategy to support a new campaign or project 
  • Explore a variety of creative campaign techniques, and documented examples of how these have been used by rights advocates around the world
  • Get inspired by the variety of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) tools available and the innovative ways that advocates are using these to campaign 

  • Develop a critical understanding of how change happens and how technology can be an integral part of the campaign process rather than something tagged on at the end

  • Share experiences and knowledge, and network with other rights advocates working on similar issues


We have developed this approach to learning over several years. Last year's workshop, the Info-Activism Camp, led to the creation of 10 tactics for turning information into action. The 50-minute film and hands-on cards work together to inspire participants with first-hand stories of info-activism while also giving them all the information and practical advice they need to create their own successful actions.

Participants' feedback on our info-activism events

 “Tactical Tech’s ethos is that nobody knows everything, and everybody knows something. It’s a beautiful philosophy, but it plays out pragmatically, as well. How else do you get so many people to huddle around laptops showing each other around a new CMS?.”

Melissa Gira Grant, Third Wave Foundation


“For me it was very interesting to learn about the range of media activities that you can develop at a very low cost. The greatest experience was to share with people that feel very passionate about what they do, and to learn how they have been successful by employing strategic thinking."

Oswaldo Rada, Social Mechanism of Support and Monitoring on HIV, Colombia


"Thank you Tactical Tech for the opportunity you gave me to interact with all the people that I met at the camp. I made very good friends who have helped me, and supported me. Obviously the information, the tips and the tactics that we got from the camp have been very useful and I believe now that they have made a difference in many people's lives."

Rumbidzai Dube, the Research and Advocacy Unit, Zimbabwe

Tactical Tech can provide workshops and trainings at appropriate gatherings and meetings. Please contact us .