10 Tactics Unstitched

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10 Tactics Unstitched grew out of our original film and deck of cards, illustrating the concepts and practices of information-activism.


Since  we produced 10 Tactics in late 2009, we have gathered a lot of feedback and evaluations from all kinds of people using 10 Tactics. From students and teachers to NGO staff and ICT and advocacy trainers, we've learned that 10 Tactics is a useful resource to explore and teach the field of information activism. We also learned that it would be really useful to have all the stories pulled out of the format they were in and served up in a new way.


So here we have opened out the cards and laid out the stories, images and videos in them for users to browse, download and remix. You can browse the 50 + examples, in this interactive database, either by tool/technique, country and the issue area the campaign addressed. The Campaign Basics cards, which include suggested hands-on group activities, are also now more easily accessible to integrate into trainings.


The Unstitched website is available in English and Arabic.