10 Tactics for Turning Information into Action


The 10 Tactics project was launched in December 2009 and since then, hundreds of rights advocates from around the world have used these materials to deliver workshops for turning information into action and they have screened the 10 Tactics film to get people talking about opportunities and barriers for info-activism.


The film and cards are available in 20+ languages and the website exists in Spanish Burmese and Belarussian, thanks to many fantastic volunteers in different parts of the world. The Ibero-American Network for Sustainable Development (REDDES) also created an entirely remixed print version of the project in order to outreach to advocates in Latin America.


Since 10 Tactics, we have launched 10 Tactics Remixed, a critical look at the field of info-activism and 10 Tactics Unstitched, a searchable catalogue of info-activism case studies tailored for training curriculum building.The original website is still available here.


The original 10 Tactics is no longer updated.