Info-Activism Consultancies

Shooting poverty

Does your organisation want to turn information about a rights issue into powerful action that can address it? Tactical Tech's ACT programme works with rights-focussed organisations to develop strategic plans that identify target audiences and allies and assess which media formats can best help you achieve your goals. We can also help organisations work with skilled media producers and grassroots advocates to implement info-activism. 


Recent info-activism consultancies


Each consultancy is unique and depends on the needs of the project partner. 


Oxfam International Shooting Poverty Project (2010). This project works with young film-makers to tell and amplify stories that reveal local impacts of the global arms trade. Tactical Tech developed an outreach strategy for this project in India. This involved working with hundreds of activist media networks, films schools and civil society groups across the country who hosted discussion groups and distributed materials about the competition. 


Climate Advocacy Institute (2009). Tactical Tech advised and worked with and other organising partners to shape this three week training event for young climate change campaigners in Turkey 2009. We also led the "Journalism and New Media for Advocacy" training track at the workshop. 


Project MOBiLIZE (2009). Tactical Tech collaborated with on the development of a multi-country text message system for the International Day of Climate Action on the 24th October.