Flash training materials

These materials are part of our approach to raising awareness about digital security, which we call "flash training". We have found that it often takes just one thought-provoking question, inviting someone to reflect on their digital identity and information, to start a conversation and a serious evaluation of security and privacy and their significance in our daily interactions with email, the internet, mobile phones etc.


Slogan Cards


We use this set of 15 "slogan cards" to hand out to people and scatter around at large-scale advocacy events, where we can easily be found for short consultations, or to direct those who are interested in taking steps to protect themselves to our toolkit, Security in-a-box.




Slogan cards can be downloaded in English | Arabic | French


Flash Cards


We also have a set of A5 more detailed cards providing guidelines on 6 topics:


  • How the Internet Works
  • Safe Internet Browsing
  • Passwords
  • Safe Social Networking
  • Mobile Phone Security
  • Securing Your Email Passwords: the first line of defence


These are very good for raising people's curiosity and informing them about digital security and privacy basics at workshops and trainings.


Flash cards can be downloaded in English | Arabic | French